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QA engineer at work cannot be shy. He has to notoriously hunt for bugs. And when he will catch something then he has to clarify what he found and then communicate that to the team. He has to catch the bugs not only during the testing phase. But also during every meeting when the information about the plans and new features are being shared.

Communication is the key to success.

It is extremely important form the QA perspective to ask questions. I really like to arrange the three amigos session where the PO is describing new feature to a developer and a QA assigned to that new feature. That is perfect moment to ask millions of questions. And especially to ask: can we make it simpler? Yes, we have to ask that question. We should make the new functionality as easy for the end user as it is possible. The newly added feature and the new interface must be the easiest possible, so that our users can completely intuitive, without learning, use it. Also easier and simpler feature equals less places where it can break, the app is also faster than. This is really important point to always ask that question again and again.

Communication of the app changes, of bugs found, of the plans for future for the app, it is all important. With great communication in the team, the work is changing into an excellent place where the teammates can exchange their ideas, discuss them and learn. And then everyone starts taking care of the app. And it becomes much easier to keep the good quality standards in the team.

Communication is crucial. But communication does not equal meetings. It is easy to create tons of meetings which would not be related with good communication at all. It is easy to became over communicated and to start thinking about meetings that this is the time when you can just do nothing. No we are talking here about good concrete communication, and that is necessary.

Todays observations:

My cat was sleeping for almost whole day. Just nap after nap. The days became longer, at 7PM it is still bright outside. The spring is coming.

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