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I do not know why but lately the whole Internet becomes overloaded with content. Everything has to contain a lot of custom stuff which makes the web apps harder to use. End user has to spend more time digging for the information or feature that he needs. The apps became less readable and overcomplicated. I cannot get why almost all of the new web apps are using custom elements for checkboxes, sliders, radio buttons etc. It does not improve the UX for the user when he has a fancy checkbox for example, usually the user will be confused and will be not sure if that is a checkbox, or something else. Plus custom elements makes the app much more vulnerable, cause they are more complicated so it is much easier to introduce bugs.

E2E test automation frameworks have a lot of helpful methods for default elements as checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, selects etc. They allow us to easily choose values and check which option is selected/checked. But we are unable to use them, cause in most apps we are using custom elements. Handling custom elements is forcing us to write custom methods to handle them in tests so we are wasting time. Cause we are not able to check by default that for example the checkbox is checked or not. Also in tests code such custom methods usually contain waits and are not 100% reliable, cause sometimes the custom dropdown can be opening longer sometimes slower and because of that the tests are much harder to be maintained.

So let's keep the app as easy as it can be. Let's use the default elements, not introduce custom elements which leads to confusion, more bugs and more work.

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