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In terms of QA we are quite often forgetting about accessibility. Which is a very big mistake. Not everyone has the ability to recognise colours properly (I personally know five people which have problems in distinguishing colours) or have problems with eyes (I personally do not see sharp [yup, that is why I am not using C#]). And we have to take into account that such people will use our apps. So we have to remember to use large font which is easily readable (instead of some fancy custom one) and about high contrast which will help people easily localise clickable parts of the app.

It is really easy to check that using for example tool called axe (you can just google or duckduck for 'axe accessibility' and you will find it for sure) which will do the checks automatically for us. It require just one click to test that and it may save people a lot of time and make it much easier to use your app. So remember about it and just test accessibility regularly on every 'page' of your app.

I need to mention here that never, really never, we should not bloat our website with too much content, because then the page becomes not readable and hard to use. Users would not be happy when they will have to search for the data that they need while being attacked by the website with tons of useless animations and images. We have to make user experience as smooth and easy as it is possible. Really lets make the things as easiest as it is possible. It is related more with good UX then accessibility but I had to mention about it. Cheers!

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